Christmas Nominees


58 Responses to Christmas Nominees

  1. My favorite is Modelisiuos

    Please vost and follow now

  2. Arna-Rut says:

    Modelisous :]

  3. SophieCDM says:

    I vote for Glamourqueen.

  4. lollypop301 says:

    I Think She Has Put A Lot Of Effot Into It.

  5. Fashion.Fantasy says:

    Modelisous 🙂

  6. explosiongosia says:


  7. Gina says:

    Thanks so much Ida!! 😀

  8. Ella - Rock-princess30 says:

    Thank you For Putting me in ! Please Vote for me, Im Rock-princess30 !
    It will be much Appreciated, Thank you !

  9. Stinnne says:

    So thanks for choosing me, yay!

  10. Veronica J. says:

    I vote for crazii-iin-love!

  11. Camille Abney says:

    I vote for modelisous, J’adore that look!

    xoxo ParisianBeauty

  12. elleo says:

    this is quite hard… but I am completely in love with Stinnne and crazii-iin-love’s looks.

  13. glamourqueen says:

    yea thank you so much ! i really think the colors are “christmas-yyy”

  14. suite..dream says:

    uhmm glamourqueen defiently she has the whole christmas colors and look down.

  15. kaykay35644435 says:

    glamourqueen should win

  16. Mystery Girl says:


  17. Ox.iLY.xO says:

    modelisous – FOR SURE.

  18. p.e.r.f.e.c.t. says:

    Glamourqueen should win!

  19. Jayla Thompson says:

    F0 SH0!

  20. shrimptwinz says:

    glamourqueen should win!!! =) Great MeDoll!

  21. Pink_Ducky says:

    I think Rock-princess30x has the best Christmas look!

  22. Elis says:


  23. Scoobydoo72 says:

    glamourqueen should win !

  24. angelbff25 says:

    I vote for Glamour Queen!!!

  25. Reese2222 says:


  26. Blaxopoula says:

    glamourqueen should win

  27. Melissakuh says:

    glamourqueen should def win!
    She deserves it! xD

  28. Tainted.love_xx says:

    crazii-iin-love looks the best I think =]

  29. Tainted.love_xx says:

    crazii-iin-love looks the best I think =]

  30. *telouse* says:

    Glamourqueen because her look is really down to earth and natural and she defenitly used the feeling of christmas in her make-up! Great look!!

  31. ch.lo.e1997 says:

    I vote 4 glamourqueen
    she is awesome!

  32. dogsbob says:


  33. darnica says:

    glamourqueen looks really pretty i think she should win

  34. Paula says:

    hey i think everybody looks so gorgeous! but overall Glamourqueen got it down packed all the way no doubt a bout it ! love that girl so fricking much !

  35. shrimptwinz says:

    hmm tough one.. glamourqueen

  36. Marrisa L says:

    glamourqueen looks really cute !!

  37. glamourqueen looks like a christmas star in this picture :-)*&^^^^

  38. Kasia says:

    hey glamourqueen looks really nice here and shes a super great friend

  39. xxdrivebylove says:

    This is really hard, but I’d say modelisous!

  40. Mentalia says:

    Definately Stinne!

  41. Zoé says:

    I vote for Stinne 😀

  42. Godlygirl10 says:


  43. Angelica says:

    Since Gigi is on my team I should probably vote for her. But I’m going with Stinne anyways.

  44. monicaveronica says:


  45. Ella says:

    Thanks for voting me, Please please vote me !!
    I Went for the ‘ice queen’ look and if i won i dont know how i would thank you !
    Please, Keep voting 🙂
    Ella. xo

  46. Hunnigall says:

    Gosh, I’m in love with them all!
    I think I’ll settle for the middle one, Stinnne, I beleive.
    It’s edgy, classy and her MeDoll is gorgeous!

    – Hunni x x x

  47. Someone says:


  48. rozaliedances says:

    I think crazii-iin-love

  49. Rexogirl18 says:


  50. lucka97 says:


  51. camilleglitter says:


  52. brittbritt says:


  53. EternityMagazine says:


  54. Elis says:

    i vote for glamourqueen !

  55. runawayluv95 says:

    stinnne, she shows the most technique with putting it on.
    It is also the most glamorous which I find represents Christmas.
    The white reminds me off snow.

    Rock-princess30x comes in second for me.
    It looks gorgeous with the earrings and the hair and everything…

    good job ladies.


  56. crazii-iin-love should win!!

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