Style and Trend Spot is created to show trends and fashion, but it isn’t a magazine. There is no specific release date, so check in once or twice a week to be updated.

I hope you’ll find this side fun and helpfull and that you’ll comment – both good and bad things. It’s always a great help to get constructive critism!

I also have to add that you may not copy any graphics or texts withput permission from me!




5 Responses to About

  1. lollypop301 says:

    Wow, I Love Everything You Do So Inspiring !

  2. demi..aka"4everdemi" stardoll says:

    hey ide…ida anderson..its me demi “4everdemi” from stardoll…ur stardoll friend….i luv this site its so kool. but juss to let u noe, i wont copy anythong from u unless given by u with premissin. e mail me bac…luv ya. CONGRATES WITH UR NEW WEBSITE..(kool website that is)

  3. Glamourqueen says:

    I just adore your skills ❤

  4. xxxNoOtJuHxxx says:

    hi ide or ida
    you mighth remember me from stardoll
    but i want to say this site is so cool
    i looked at it 5 times in 2 houres


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